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Eddie (First Tenor)

Raul (Baritone-Tenor)

Michael (Baritone)

Eric (Bass)      

Viva Mas (Eddie, Raul Michael and Eric) – a group of guys from the Latin streets of Philadelphia – where family and faith come first, where Spanish is often spoken and people sing from the heart!

Working with the producers who brought us Jon Secada, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and more; Viva Mas delivers the rich harmonies expected from the soulful City of Brotherly Love, combined with the passionate Latin rhythms of their heritage!  More like brothers than friends – Viva Mas have been together through the best and the worst of times – both family and business.

Eddie ”Krāz” Garcia was born in Puerto Rico.  He came to the U.S. at seven not knowing a word of English.  When he was 13, his father died and Eddie found himself on his own in the Philadelphia projects of Harrison Plaza.  "There was a lot of drama,” he says.  “I was broke and had nothing going on."  He developed a reputation in the neighborhood as a graffiti artist -- where earned his nickname, Krāz.  He discovered a passion for music and performing which led him into an industry as crazy and unpredictable as the streets he came from.

As a child, Raul would sing vintage Spanish songs with his grandfather.  “I didn't want to be part of the bad things happening in my neighborhood,” he says.  “So I kept busy with music.  I joined my school choirs and practiced harmonies in the hallways at C.A.P.A. (Philadelphia's Creative And Performing Arts High School), always "working his ear".  Raul has taught vocals throughout the years and always remembered where he came from and volunteered at his local community centers to give back what helped him steer clear of trouble and help kids express themselves through singing.

Michael was raised along with five siblings by his mother (he has never known his father) who held down three jobs while also attending college.  Although he excelled in sports, a talent competition he entered at 15 changed his direction.  “I had a big voice for a young guy,'" he understates.  This afforded him the opportunity to record background vocals for various local artists, which inspired him to pursue his own career in music.  Along the way, Michael broadened his talents within the industry, writing for other artists including Frankie Negron.  As he rides the Music Industry roller coaster, Michael has always stayed focused on his dreams and continues to hone his skills as a true well-rounded artist.

Eric’s been singing since kindergarten -- and he’s got the Polaroid picture to prove it!  He was raised by his Grandmother in a rough section of Philadelphia.  He first met Krāz in High School and Kraz wanted to sing with him then.  “I was in another group and it wasn’t the right time,” says Eric with a chuckle.  Time went by and Krāz and Eric crossed paths every now and then but it never seemed to be “the right time”.  Eric stayed busy musically and continued writing, recording and working with other artists and along came Kraz again – this time was different -- “Now”, Eric says with a knowing smile, “now is the right time.”

Lots of hard work, sacrifice and struggle have carried Viva Mas through their journey.  Viva Mas has grown together spiritually, emotionally and most definitely -- musically.  Their shared efforts keep them grounded.  "There's nothing fake about us.” says, Eddie. “We’re all in this for the right reasons,” adds Michael -- “We love to sing”. 

A cappella or with music, from Spanish to English and back again – Viva Mas is ready to sing to the world!  Want Mas?  Viva Mas!