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“viva mas” january 2015  

Kraz (First Tenor) Eli (Second Tenor) Raul (Baritone-Tenor)

Michael (Baritone) Eric (Bass)     

Viva Mas – a real group of guys that put themselves together from the streets of Philadelphia, where family and faith are paramount, where Spanish is often spoken and people sing from the heart!

“We put everything in our music – everything we are.” says, Raul.  Michael adds, “We’re a real group of guys, singing and feeling every word. “We love to sing and believe if you work hard you can fulfill your dreams – no matter what they might be.”

Lots of hard work, sacrifice and struggle bring Viva Mas to where they are today – working with the producers who brought us Jon Secada, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and more; Viva Mas distinguishes themselves with rich harmonies and passionate Latin rhythms.

From a cappella to orchestral, from Spanish to English and back again — Look out for their new music! Want Mas?  Viva Mas! Happy New Year!


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